Recently I came across one article: Revou Happiness Index. The report assesses 38 technology companies in Indonesia and ranks them using company reviews in Jobstreet and Glassdoor. Below is a cropped image of their result. Do you notice that there are companies with a lower number of reviews but have higher rank while having a pretty small difference in their average review? Example: Payfazz (23 reviews, avg 4.7) and Happyfresh (62 reviews, avg 4.65) with 0.05 difference in average review.

Having more data means that we have more evidence about something right? In this context, how could we decide what…

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Nowadays, companies have a vast amount of information about their customer, whether it is something related to past interactions on websites or apps, or information that comes from third parties to give them a better understanding of the customer. Having this valuable information will enable companies to do things differently and positively to impact their business; such as to enhance their targeted marketing strategy so that they can offer more personalized products to customers.

In this article, we will explore how we could utilize the data to perform three different ML techniques for building a great targeted marketing strategy. …

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Finding high performing machine learning model in the context of a data science competition could be a mess.

One way to gain knowledge is by applying it and I believe Kaggle is one of the best places to apply & upskill your modeling skills.

Typical Kaggle Competition set-up

In Kaggle, typical supervised learning competition set-up is that participants are given:

  1. two separate datasets i.e. train and test set,
  2. one single evaluation metric which then used to rank model performance,
  3. two separate leaderboards i.e. Public & Private leaderboards. Some proportion of test set is used to calcualte Public leaderboard while the…

Have you ever wonder what is the most looked for by Indonesian while shopping?

Well, I have and I wanted to find the answer of this question.

I looked into Google Data using Google Trends. And let’s see what I found.

1. Indonesians tend to search fashion item and electronics item (camera and smartphone) in Internet.
2. Item the most looked for in fashion category is Gamis.
3. Item the most looked for in electronics category is Lensa.
4. The most popular brand for electronics category is Canon for camera and Samsung for smartphone.
5. There are different seasonality for each category, but Indonesians tend to increase search activity in festive season.

Want more answer? Let’s find it in below visualization :

Originally published at on September 23, 2017.

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